The act of creating has been grounding me since childhood, from rummaging, sifting, hunting for the perfect match, the perfect centerpiece. While focusing on simple design, my love of stones has expanded to include the healing energies of stones I work with. While hand-fabricating each piece, I consider not only contrasting textures, colors, and combinations, but the way the textures and colors affect the body viscerally. My intention is to create a piece with a specific energy, then pass that energy along to the wearer of that piece.

Stones are beautiful and mesmerizing. Whether they come from an exotic, faraway country or the lakefront in Chicago, their draw is positively addicting. They are something special to wear, to carry with you through the day. Simple, powerful, elegant, light and unique. I find great pleasure in sitting and working with these stones. I hope you find great pleasure in wearing them and embodying their attributes.